Address Verification

The Address Verification module verifies billing & shipping addresses with a cohesive, integrated checkout experience.
Built exclusively for Magento 2.
299.99 USD


Version 100.2.0 (Released December 15, 2016)




Without a valid address verification implementation, you are inherently trusting your customer with providing a valid address at checkout. But what happens when the customer provides an address with a typo, an invalid address, or one not recognized by the postal service? You are running the risk of having your shipment delivered to the wrong address, an "address correction" fee from your shipment provider, or never being delivered at all. Any of these situations is less than ideal.

By installing this module and configuring it with an appropriate address verification API/service, you can prompt the user for the properly validated address and confirm this information at checkout. This also adds a level of assurance to your customer as they can rest at ease knowing the address they typed in is confirmed as valid. You can also rest assured knowing that you won't be charged "address correction" fees from your shipment provider. If using Smarty Streets US API, you will also be able to tell if the address is Residential or Commercial.


Watch a quick video of the streamlined address verification process at checkout.


Pick from USPS or SmartyStreets APIs with an easy-to-use admin configuration.

International address support now available from Smarty Streets.

The verified address is automatically selected and presented to the visitor to confirm.

The visitor can select their previous address and bypass the verified address. Store owners can control whether visitors may or may not bypass the verified address from the admin configuration.

The verified address persists throughout the checkout process.