Admin Order Grid Products

The Admin Order Grid Products module adds product information to the admin sales orders grid.
Built exclusively for Magento 2.
99.99 USD


Version 100.0.0 (Released April 29, 2016)



There are times when order management requires quick lookup of products contained within an order. Rather than digging through each order detail screen to retreive product information, one can quickly lookup the related products directly from the admin sales order grid. This allows you to process customer service requests much more efficiently or quickly reference what is contained in a specific order.


Once installed, this product requires no configuration. You'll immediately see a new 'Products' column in your admin sales order grid, which you can drag & drop to whichever location is best suited for your workflow.

Product names and quantities will automatically appear for each order. This prevents you from having to deep-dive into each and every single order for quick product referencing.