Canned Response

The Canned Response module provides the ability to create and send predefined messages for orders, invoices, shipments & credit memos.
Built exclusively for Magento 2.
199.99 USD


Version 100.0.1 (Released May 17, 2017)



Sending the same responses to customers can get tedious. Canned Response is meant to make your workflow easier, more efficient, and predictable. This module allows you to create pre-defined message responses so you can easily respond to repetitious situations consistently.

Creating a list of pre-defined messages and responding to customers with those messages allows you to spend your time in other places of your business. It also allows you to send messages to customers in which you would normally not send, such as order updates, shipment information, and return status.


Manage Canned Responses from a distinct admin interface.

Admin grid shows all previously created Canned Responses, where they can be edited or viewed.

Easy to use Canned Response creation page lets you name each Canned Response, assign them to different store views, select the type of response, and create the actual response content.

Define Canned Responses for orders, invoices, shipments and credit memos.

To send a Canned Response, simply go to the appropriate order, invoice, shipment or credit memo detail page, and select the desired response.

After selecting the desired response, it is automatically populated within the Comment box. This saves you from typing the same repetitive response to multiple customers over and over. It also streamlines responses so they are sent in a consistent manner to avoid errors or missing information.

After sending a response, it is submitted and automatically logged just like any other admin comment.

On a shipment detail page? Don't worry - only Canned Responses assigned to the Shipment type are displayed. This helps avoid errors of sending the wrong response for different types.

The Canned Response is automatically filled in and works in the same manner regardless of if you are on an order, invoice, shipment and credit memo detail page.