Import Tracking

The Import Tracking module provides the ability to automatically or manually import shipment tracking information for orders.
Built exclusively for Magento 2.
199.99 USD


Version 100.0.3 (Released March 28, 2016)



Following an easy-to-use CSV format, one can create an automated shipment tracking import process. By automating the import of tracking numbers and shipment information, your company no longer has to manually input shipment information. This saves a tremoundous amount of time for your business, so you can focus on your core business instead of error-prone manual data entry process.


Easy to use CSV format allows flexibility in shipping different SKUs and quantities per shipment. Easily define partial shipments, and choose whether or not to notify the customer by email.

Built-in scheduled automation pulls import files from a filesystem location every 5 minutes for transparent processing to integrate wtih FTP and vendor tracking uploads.

Implements built-in Magento 2 functions and file checker for consistent, validated & verified import procedure you know you can trust.

Make customer shipments successful with a no-hassle, simple import tracking module.