Quantity Type

The Quantity Type modules adds the ability to define specific quantity types to products.
Built exclusively for Magento 2.
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Version 100.0.0 (Released January 8, 2016)



When you sell a certain items as bundles or kits, oftentimes an end-user can get confused as to what they are actually ordering. For example, let's say your customer is ordering Widgets, and you sell them by the Dozen. They add the product "Widgets" to their basket, and when they view their cart, they see their Widgets product with a quantity of 1. This confuses the user, as they don't know if they are ordering one widget or a dozen widgets.

This module adds a special "qty_type" attribute which is treated just like a normal attribute. However, this special attribute is displayed absolutely everywhere in your Magento store where the quantity field is displayed. This clarifies the exact quantity the customer is ordering, so instead of just displaying Widgets with a quantity of 1, now it displays Widgets with a quantity of 1 Dozen.

As the qty_type field is a normal attribute, you can create all of the various quantity types that you have available as options for the qty_type attribute. Then, you assign the related quantity type to each product within your Magento store. You can do all of this from within the Magento admin, or via a normal attribute import process.


A standard attribute named qty_type is installed during setup, which can be imported and exported just like other attributes.

You may then administer the Quantity Type attribute just like any other attribute. Each record added will create a new quantity type.

After all quantity type attribute options have been created, assign them to products, just like any other built-in attribute. This architecture makes it easy to import and export quantity types along with your other product attributes.

Quantity Types which are assigned to products are then displayed next to the price, in just about every single location a product price exists. This ensures the user is aware that what they are ordering is a bulk product (such as a Dozen or Case).

The following is everywhere the quantity type is displayed (represented by Dozen or Per Dozen). Note that 'Per' is ran through translation function, so it can easily be translated to other languages using the standard translation functionality.

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